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The Unofficial List of Great Ski Movies

Well friends, we’ve found ourselves in a pretty unique situation here. In a time when you can’t do much but stay at home and make the most of social distancing, what better time to dive into the world of skiing related movies? If you find yourself having a little extra downtime in between work emails and loads of laundry, we’ve gone ahead and put together a list of great ski movies to shake up the flow of re-watching The Office. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

From cult classics to action movies, there’s a little something for everyone to watch on this list of great ski movies. Before you get to watching, please be advised that audience ratings have been provided next to each title. Some of the movies below may not be appropriate for everyone.

Art of Flight PG-13, Sport/Adventure Documentary

This Red Bull-sponsored documentary is a favorite among ski/snowboard enthusiasts. Follow pro snowboarder Travis Rice and friends as they travel the globe to try new tricks and explore unopened zones of some of the biggest mountains in the world. Personally, it’s one of my all-time favorites and a go-to watch before every ski season.

Out Cold PG-13, Comedy, Sport

A group of snowboard bums are having the time of their lives working at an Alaskan ski resort until a sleazy land developer has major redevelopment plans for the business. Not only do the friends try to outsmart the new owner, but matters get a little more complicated when it turns out one of his daughters is an ex-girlfriend of the resort’s snowboard king. Always a classic!

Lindsey Vonn: The Final Season TV-14, Documentary

A popular face in the skiing world, this documentary focuses on Lindsey Vonn’s last season of competitive skiing as she attempts to break the record for most World Cup wins.

Blizzard of AAHHH’s Not Rated, Documentary

This documentary is said to have put extreme skiing on the map by featuring some of the sport’s most well-known skiing stars from the late 1980s. We chose this one for the list because Glen Plake, a frequent visitor to the Northeast and Sugarbush, is one of the main extreme skiers that appears in the film.

MXP: Most Extreme Primate G, Comedy/Family

When separated from the rest of the animals he’s traveling to Mexico with, Jack (the Chimp) ends up in snowy Colorado where he makes friends with two snowboarders. It all seems like fun and games until they run into two wannabe chimp-nappers. Experience the joy and humor of this early 2000s film with the whole family. Okay maybe this one is a little bit of a stretch for “best ski movies of all time,” but it is a cute watch!

The Spy Who Loved Me PG, Mystery/Si-Fi

To mix things up a bit we are throwing in one of the original James Bond movies. The Spy Who Loved Me is the tenth film in the James Bond series and came out in 1977. In this movie, Bond teams up with a Russian agent to stop an evil villain from destroying the world to create a new civilization under the sea. Don’t know what any of this has to do with skiing? Check out the preview!

G.N.A.R. Not Rated (But probably not a good one for the kiddos), Comedy

Honestly if you consider yourself a skier, you’ve got to add this to your “must watch” list. G.N.A.R. stands for Gafney’s Numerical Assessment of Radness and follows iconic skier, Shane McConkey, and his crew as they compete to be the best skier at Squaw Valley. The game involves scoring as many points as possible over a certain time period by attempting crazy ski lines and earning bonuses by completing absurd and funny tasks and acts. McConkey derived the game from a chapter of a book by Rob Gafney called Squallywood.

Warren Miller’s Extreme Winter Not Rated, Sport Documentary

There are a lot of awesome Warren Miller movies, but we chose this one because one of our favorite extreme skiers and Sugarbush local, John Egan, is featured in the opening scene with a legendary cliff drop in a bright yellow suit. Watching ski movies is cool, but watching someone you know who loves Sugarbush as much as, if not more than, you do is even cooler! Read more about Egan’s filming experience here.

Teton Gravity Research’s Dream Factory Not Rated, Action and Adventure Documentary

I’m not sure you can put together a list of amazing ski/ride movies without including one from Teton Gravity Research. Dream Factory takes place in Alaska, a unique and interesting place that not many get to experience. Watch as spectacular athletes trek through expansive terrain, experience Alaska’s rich history and meet some colorful characters along the way. Lucky for viewers, when this movie was shot in 2012, Alaska was having a record-breaking year for snowfall which makes the dream-worthy terrain even more dreamy.

Eddie the Eagle PG-13, Biography, Comedy, Drama

In case you aren’t in the mood for a documentary, Eddie the Eagle features the story of Eddie Edwards, the British underdog ski jumper who charmed the word at the 1988 Winter Olympics. Enjoy this feel-good story inspired by true events and watch as Eddie goes against the odds and a nation that’s doubting him with the help of his charismatic coach, played by one of my favorites, Hugh Jackman.

Grab the popcorn and your favorite blanket and get ready for hours of awesome skiing/riding scenes! Stay safe and healthy out there.

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