Opening Weekend of the Sugarbush Golf Course

Opening Weekend of the Sugarbush Resort Golf Course

And we made it! We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect final weekend to our ski season with warm temps and sunshine, and not long after, the buds came a-poppin’. Our team has been working all week to make the golf course spick and span for all of you itching to get out there. The sprinklers have been on, the mowers have been out, and you’ll see a few new improvements along the course.

You’ll first notice the new cement pad under the turf at the driving range. Additionally, there are new range targets which are Lawson’s Finest Liquids barrels! There’s also been a new storage barn built at Hole 5 that just adds to the Vermont scenery. So get those clubs shined and the sunscreen out, because golf season is officially back!

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