Busy season, holiday season, navigating Sugarbush resort

Navigating Busy Season at the Resort

On average, people spend around 5 years of their lifetime waiting in lines and queues. But I say, no more! It’s no secret that holiday plans, vacations, dinner reservations, you name it, all tend to fall into the same time as everybody else’s. I’m going to share some staple tips and a few tricks to help you navigate busy season at Sugarbush so you can spend more time on the mountain, and less time waiting.

Tickets, Lessons, and Rentals

We have a variety of resources for our guests to use to help make planning simple. Almost everything you plan can be booked through our website or the Sugarbush app. This year you can reserve just about anything ahead of time. Taking a little time to plan ahead now will save you both money and time.

 Lift tickets should always be purchased ahead of time to get the best deals. When you arrive, head straight to a ticket kiosk to scan your QR Code and have a SugarXpress card instantly printed for your use. Child and adult lessons must be booked ahead of time by at least 48 hours. Prepare to plan ahead as things fill up quick! And don’t worry about where to get your equipment. Book rentals ahead of time so you can skip lines altogether!

Weekdays are Your Best Friend

It’s no surprise that weekends are our busiest times of the season. It’ll be a huge time saver if you’re able to visit during the week. There will always be shorter lines, fewer crowds, and more room on the trails. Whether you’re just purchasing a day ticket or looking for a season pass (the Sugarbush Value Pass is specifically for weekday skiing!), both will be less expensive midweek. If you must come on the weekend, avoid doing things during peak hours. The courtyard and cafeteria get crowded very quickly, so try to plan meals and downtime around standard hours.

Navigating Parking

Parking on a busy weekend is a beast. If it’s your first time visiting, it will seem complicated but we have systems in place to help! To get the best parking possible, come early. And I mean when the lifts open early. That way you’re able to parking in the closest spots, lots A, B, or C. If it’s a holiday and those lots fill up quicker than anticipated, head to any of the further lots surrounding the base area. From there, you may take complimentary Sugar Shuttles that will drop you off directly in front of The Schoolhouse.

A few things to keep in mind while parking. Don’t forget as soon as you arrive, save your parking spot on the Sugarbush App so you don’t have to worry about remembering after a few beers. Sugarbush also offers electric vehicle charging. There are limited spots located in Lot C. Lastly, carpooling is incredibly useful. If you plan to go with friends, try meeting and taking the Mad Bus up to the mountain! This Saturday and Sunday 12/31/22-1/1/23, the Mad Bus will be running hourly trips from 6-9 pm for Route 120: Valley Floor.

Dining Tips and Tricks

There are dining options everywhere you turn at Sugarbush. From base area food trucks to mid-mountain pit stops – you can grab a bite almost anywhere. The best way to go about it is online ordering. Almost all of our food locations offer online ordering through the app. Additionally, dining outside of the big 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM rush is worth it, if you can swing it! Our tried and true classics like Rumble’s, Castlerock Pub, or the Green Mountain Lounge are always great hits. But don’t forget we have plenty of delicious quick-service venues like Miso Hungry or the Lunchbox. All menus, hours, and online ordering services can be found in the app.

Take the Path Less Traveled

Flexibility is key here. Try to plan your day a little earlier than usual. Most guests will be getting up and out to the mountain around the same time. Around 9 AM – 10 AM is the busiest arrival time, and that early morning wake up call is worth it to beat the crowds! Lunch breaks and lulls also will also trend at the same time across the board. My best tip is to get those early morning turns in and brunch when everyone is hitting up the mountain. At that point, a midday break is key to avoid crowded lift lines, and once everyone is turning in for the day – head out for a few more end-of-day runs!

All in all, planning ahead is your best bet for navigating busy season at the resort! For more tips to avoid the bustle, check out John’s post from last year to have an unforgettable Sugarbush experience.

Busy season, holiday season, navigating Sugarbush resort

For more information check out our visitors’ guide to plan your getaway seamlessly!

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