Carve Your Own Sugarbush Inspired Pumpkins with These Designs

Carve Your Own Sugarbush Inspired Pumpkins with These Designs

‘Tis the season to light those candles, pull out the old plastic tablecloth, and carve some jack-o-lanterns! This family friendly activity is a seasonal must. This year, you can carve Sugarbush inspired pumpkins to adorn your porch! We’ve leaned into the fall spirit and made some carving stencils of our own. They couldn’t be simpler to use, and I have some tips and tricks to help you carve your pumpkins with ease!

Tips & Tricks

  1. You gotta start with the right pumpkin. There are a huge variety of pumpkins out there and some with thick skin and walls will be too difficult to carve. Look for pumpkins of the Jack-o-lantern, Heirloom, or Autumn Gold varieties.
  2. Gut your pumpkin from the bottom! That’s right, cutting the hole to remove the flesh and seeds from your pumpkin from the bottom will help it look better longer. Pumpkins tend to sink inwards as they rot. You can prevent them collapsing in from the top if you use this method.
  3. Use sharp tools and don’t rush. This is a no brainer! We only want fake blood spattered on the pumpkins this Halloween season…
  4. Use a stencil like ours, find one online, or make your own! Having a guide makes it easier to bring your creation to life (no lightning required). If you want to free hand it, use a marker first, then wipe it away later with alcohol or nail polish remover.

To download and print any of these designs, simply right click on the image, save it, and print! Or, download them directly from here. Once your done, tag us in your images @sugarbush_vt and #MySugarbush!

Carve Your Own Sugarbush Inspired Pumpkins with These Designs

In order of difficulty, this first design is our easiest. Great for your little rippers or anyone looking to show off their favorite mountain!

Carve Your Own Sugarbush Inspired Pumpkins with These Designs

This second design requires a little patience but is still very manageable! My tip is to carve the gondola windows and grip first, and tackle the finer outlines after. Small tools are a must for this one.

Carve Your Own Sugarbush Inspired Pumpkins with These Designs

Lastly, our most difficult design. This one is reserved for the carving experts or those blessed with lots of patience. For this design, go slow, and don’t be afraid to pop a few toothpicks in there if things get hairy!

What to do with your pumpkins once they turn into zombies

While most people toss their pumpkins in the woods once they’ve lived out their best jack-o-lantern life, there are better alternatives out there. Feed them to your chickens or other live stock, or donate them to a local wildlife rescue or farm as feed. Or, scrape out the good stuff and give it to your pets as a healthy treat! You can add them to your compost pile or worm bin as well. Tossing them in the woods can lead to spreading non-native species or attracting rodents or others pests. Consider these tips so your pumpkins can fully rest in peace.

Waste not want not. Save those seeds! Follow this sweet pepita recipe for a tasty fall snack.

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