Breaking Down Our Seasonal Programs

Here at Sugarbush we have some amazing kids and adult seasonal programs.  With programs designed for participants 3-18, if you’re interested in multiple sessions with the same instructors, we have some amazing opportunities for you.  At this point in the season, only our kids programs are currently up for sale.  Here’s a little rundown of how your kids can learn to cultivate an experience of comradery, amazing experiences, and lifelong adventure this season at Sugarbush.  So join us, and be better here.

Micro Blazers

Ages 3 & 4

Dates – Saturdays & Sundays Jan 7th – Mar 26th

Time 9 am – 2 pm

Our Micro Blazer program for ages there and four years old is the foundation for any ski families’ youngest children in the Mad River Valley.  Running Saturday and Sunday, January through October, the micro’s start with the fundamentals on our amazing kids learning terrain and build theirs kills towards turning, stopping, chairlift riding and mountain exploration.  Lunch is included, as well as a private space for breaks and lunch.  If you’re a skiing family, this is the best start to get your kids.  Groups tend to be small, three or four students per class, and being potty trained is required for participants.  Micro’s is 22 days running from 9am – 2 pm, kids make friends, have great memories of learning how to ski, and come back each year wanting more!

Mini Blazers

Ages 5 & 6

Dates – Saturdays & Sundays Jan 7th – Mar 26th

Time 9 am – 2 pm

Many of our Mini Blazers graduate from a year or two in our Micro Blazer program.  Kids who participated in the micro’s tend to be in some of the more advanced groups of Mini Blazers, but participation in micro’s is not a requirement to join.  Kids aged five and six are eligible to participate if they can turn, stop, and ride a chairlift with relative independence.  Mini Blazers start to develop a substantial amount more motor control skills at their age, and we see an incredible about of progression in skills from these students.  Many groups finish the season skiing blue, black and off-piste terrain.

With snow conditions permitting Mini Blazer groups will explore some of our famous wood’s areas here at Sugarbush and may take a few opportunities to go ski Mt Ellen as a group.  The consistency of same groups and instructor week to week provides the opportunity for real friendships to be made, and many former Blazer students met some of their best friends in the Mini’s program.  Groups range from four to six kids, and the program runs 11 weeks from 9a-2p, and break for lunch as a group.  Lunch is not provided for the Mini Blazer program. Most families pack a lunch or set up a resort charge for their kids. 

Adventure Blazers

Ages 7 – 12

Dates – Saturdays & Sundays Jan 7th – Mar 26th

Time 9 am – 2 pm

Kids who join Adventure blazers need to be comfortable on intermediate terrain, seven years old and ready for the most incredible seasons of their life’s.  Skiing with a group six to nine students in each class, Blazers tend to explore every nook and cranny of our mountains.  Most groups love skiing the trees, bumps, and steeper terrain Sugarbush has to offer. Time in the racecourse, or dabbling in the terrain park happens as well, but there is an all-mountain focus on fundamentally good skiing. Kids may do some drills and technique improvement, but skiing milage and practice is important. There is intention in building groups with well working skiing skill level blend, as well as a positive social environment.  This is our most popular and largest program at Sugarbush.  Blazers is all about miles and smiles.

Mt. Ellen Blazers

Ages 6 – 12

Dates: Sundays Jan 8th – Mar 26th

Time 9 am – 2 pm

Over at Mt Ellen, we offer a single day version of Blazers.  Blazers at Mt Ellen is like everything else in comparison there, a little smaller, and a little simpler.  This program attracts a lot of local central and northern Vermont families.  To join, students need to be able to turn, stop and ride a chair independently on green terrain.  There is an all-mountain skiing focus for these groups, and there is a skill range from low intermediate through advanced skiers for this program. Lunch is not provided, but groups tend to eat together in the Green Mountain Lodge or out on the deck weather permitting.  This is an amazing option for a family that can’t commit both days to come ski, or that would prefer to ski as a family on Saturdays. 

Freeski Team

Ages 8 – 18

Dates – Saturdays & Sundays Jan 7th – Mar 26th

Time 9 am – 2 pm

What to do when your kiddo ages out of Blazers? Maybe they don’t feel challenged enough, or maybe they’re almost a teenager and ready for a different setting.  Or maybe your little skier has a keen interest in bumps and jumps, jibs and rails, rock drops, steeps, trees, deep snow, and are finding themselves waking up in mid-August having powder dreams.  Cue the Sugarbush Freeski team. The team has two routes, Comp(competitive) and non-comp(developmental).  Sugarbush is a hotbed for freeski talent, stretching back to the famous Stein Erikson, considered to be the godfather of freekiing.  The team operates similarly to many other seasonal ski programs you have experienced before, with a little twister.  The team trains for three disciplines, moguls (USSA competitions), Park & Pipe (USASA competitions) and Big Mountain (IFSA competitions). 

Regularly the team will break up into a few groups and focus on one of these areas.  There is a huge amount of cross over from discipline to discipline, so even if you’re on the development team track, training for one area or another will help your overall skiing and help you have more fun while doing it.  The team skis in the bumps, steeps and trees, park, and anywhere else they find a fun way to express your ideas on skis.   Members of the development team are still encouraged to sign up for local competitions if interested.  The Sugarbush Freeski Team meets at Mt Ellen but does ski both sides of our resort.  Skiers on the competitive team will have additional training sessions outside of standard 22 sessions, and have coaching support at pre-arranged events.  For more information and details on the competitive team please reach out to

Ski Mountaineering

Ages 10 – 15

Dates – Saturdays & Sundays Jan 7th – Mar 26th

Time 9 am – 2 pm

Love skiing downhill? What about uphill? Across the ridge? Back through that loop in the trees to that cool rock before we ski that really tight gully? The Ski Mountaineering program (Skimo’s) is for the adventures kids who like to ski off-piste as much as possible.  Touring equipment is needed for the program (up-hill skis with skins, touring bindings, packs and more).  This group is made up of quick strong skiers who are comfortable in any snow conditions.  We typically plan a winter camping trip on the mountain somewhere and are regularly the first to the deep snow stashes on a powder day.  Skiing, mixed in with general outdoor skills, and basic mountain navigation skills are where this group begins their season and navigates an unforgettable journey from there.  Skimo’s is unlike any other seasonal program offered.


What is the lunch plan on a typical day?

Groups will head into the main lodge (Gatehouse or GML) and either buy lunch for themselves that day or grab their packed lunch out of their bag.  Both lodges have convenient bag storage near by and drop off is a great time to stash lunch with your kiddo.  Groups tend to eat together, but many parents choose to check in with their kids to see how the day is going. 

What if we don’t attend all the lessons?

Seasonal programs are not available for proration.

What is your refund policy?

Sugarbush seasonal programs need to be paid in full at time of purchase.  Any cancellation before November 1, 2022, will be charged a $100 cancellation fee.  There are no refunds available after November 1st, 2022. 

What if my child is too young to join can we squeeze them in?

Our age requirement is being the minimum age for the program by the first day of the program. 

What if my child doesn’t like the other kids in their group?

With a finite number of groups, it is important to know that at some point early on in the seasons, a group will need to learn how to coexist, rather than move students continuously.

Joey Carey
Director of Ski & Ride School

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