Tip of the Iceberg

The tip of the iceberg: a metaphor older than modern skiing. Many are well acquainted with it, sailors of course more than anyone. It’s about digging beneath the surface. Discovering the hidden. Perhaps even unearthing potential.

A skier, naturally, can relate. If the tip of the mountain experience is groomed trails and cheeseburgers then the iceberg is hidden glades and Walt’s grilled cheeses. It’s untracked pow two days after a storm.

Or a true Sugarbusher might still consider Gangstas Grotto the tip while the iceberg is Slide Brook or The Church. It’s those places that truly take some insider knowledge. And the only way to get it is to investigate through friendships or your own self-discovery. Buy a local a beer, interrogate your ski instructor, or have your kids swap stories with their Seasonal Programs friends. The more you know and the more you reveal leads you to uncovering all the iceberg has to offer. Oh, and it’s worth it every time.

Our good old Mad River Valley fits the bill too. Seen on the surface as a ski town with little else to offer, the more you start digging the more you end up discovering. Swimming holes, taco joints, creemee spots, farm stands. There’s that old MRV adage people “Come for the mountains and stay for the Valley”. Sustained exploration reveals greater rewards.

Our whole capital plan fits this bill. There’s the money getting spent this summer on things big and small. And yes there are easily visible assets like our new snow cats, peloton bikes, and photo booths, but so much is below that surface. Nine miles of new snowmaking pipe across both mountains. Lift maintenance and improvements including the return of the Slide Brook Express Quad. Or our $2.5 million weir project upgrade for our snowmaking pond, giving us more reliable and faster access to snowmaking resources.

The sum of our parts, particularly everything below the surface, makes for much more than you see on the surface. We’re continuing to reveal what’s below the surface to you and how we’re improving. We look forward to seeing how you’ve done the same, either on the slopes this winter or perhaps even tomorrow night when Neon Ramblers (members of The Grift) will be rocking in the Courtyard.

See you on the mountain, 

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