Times of Change and Celebration

It’s normal to look ahead. Planners find respite in setting goals, having something to look forward to, and filling their calendars. How often are we, those that find their way into your inbox, telling you to make arrangements to spend time with us here at the mountain? Hey, the earlier you buy, the more you save, right?

While that will pretty much always hold true when it comes to planning vacations, right now, consider this missive a permission slip to tune into the present. All seasons are beautiful in the Mad River Valley, but it has been one of those weeks that every seasonal shift has felt welcome. Almost perfect. Each cool breeze, each falling leaf, even each rain drop. It has all felt refreshing and needed.

And so the leaves are turning quickly. Shades of yellow, red and orange are signs that times are changing. The golden sunlight filtering through the trees reflects the hope that the next few months will bring. As skiers and riders, some of that hope looks like a snowflake or two, as evidenced by the hype around last week’s first snow sighting on Heaven’s Gate.

All of this is to say that it’s a special time up here at Sugarbush right now, and it’s looking more and more like peak peeping will occur over Community Weekend. While nice weather and being outdoors does the soul good, so does spending time with those who make this Valley tick. Folks that call this place home, and the others who choose to spend their weekends and vacations here. Community Weekend is for everyone. And we’re going to spend it sipping on Fresh Hopped beer, taking foliage scenic lift rides, playing disc golf, and more.

Don’t miss it. See you out there,

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