Who Ya Gonna Call? DJ!

When you take your last runs down Jester, taking your time to enjoy your last turns as the sun gets lower in the sky, you’re not thinking about operational logistics. You’re thinking about the burn in your legs you’ve earned today. You’re thinking about that satisfying first bite of oven baked pizza savored next to the fire pit. And that first cold Sip of Sunshine from the Umbrella Bar. You’re not wondering how that Sip got to the Umbrella Bar, you just know it’s there.

Well, the Food and Beverage Team does think about it. Someone has to get that Sip out to the sunshine. Someone has to get the firewood to the oven in the morning so the pizzas come out crispy on the bottom and perfectly melted on top. Shoot, someone even had to build the platform it all stands on so that the Umbrella Bar, beer, pizza and all, doesn’t sink into the mud come end of season!

So, if you’re the Food and Beverage team, who ya gonna call? (Hint: it’s not Ghost Busters).

You’re gonna call DJ.

According to the Sugarbush phone directory, Donald Spaulding is the Food and Beverage Shipping and Receiving Supervisor. According to the F&B Team, he’s so much more than that.

DJ is the Knower of Where All Lost Things Are – from kegs for Brew Grass Festival to corn hole boards for Toss ‘Em (corn hole boards that he made, by the way). He is the Bringer of Emergency Product when you run out of French fries, or cocoa, or Coca Cola. Need to build a new bar at Walt’s? DJ can do it. Want to move the Lunch Box to the plaza for an event? DJ knows how. Or what about when your freezer alarm goes off at 2 am? DJ knows about it 3 hours before anyone else.

For years – 25 of them on this past February 7th to be precise – DJ has been the pivot point around which the Food and Beverage Team revolves. He’s on site most mornings at 5 am (probably with one of his sons, Adam or Blake, who came to work with dad one day and are now, years later, integral parts of the team themselves), dealing with truckloads of product for 12 different venues. And if it’s a holiday week? He’s probably here until past 5 pm too, making sure the team is set up to give our guests a happy and relaxing experience.

Not every team in the world is lucky enough to have a DJ. We are, and we know it. And obviously we think you should too!

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