Trey’s Tracks: The Pursuit of Excellence

How do you define excellence? What exactly is self-improvement? How can I be better? These questions have shaped the way I define my sense of purpose.

The first time I heard the signature phrase “Be Better Here” these questions rose to the front of my mind. A simple three words that speak volumes. No one is exempt from the constant grind of self-improvement, and the best of the best can always strive to be better. There is always another mountain to climb, a skill to learn, and limits to surpass. Be better here is a universal tagline that everyone can take something from and be inspired by.

Living the Sugarbush Brand

The surface level interpretation is that you can get better at skiing and riding here. I ran with that and had more than 100 days my first season at Sugarbush, although an ankle sprain will probably keep me from the triple digits this winter. I spent time riding switch and getting used to moguls and can now enjoy being better than when I first came to Sugarbush.

Shout out to John Atkinson for his photographic talents!

But being better is obviously about more than just skiing and riding, the journey of one’s own development can venture towards any goal. For example, when I started working at Sugarbush I stopped eating meat. Also, after 10 years of playing guitar, I picked up jazz guitar and started to study up on my music theory. These are just two ways that I’m personally taking the Sugarbush brand to heart.

Although skiing is an individual sport, we are all here to share adventure and comradery. I like to imagine everyone on the mountain as being on the same team, with common goals like having fun, getting better, and exploring two exquisite mountains uniting us. Practicing kindness is a fantastic first step to living the Sugarbush brand, both on and off the hill.

Next time you have a spare moment, I hope you consider how you can be better at Sugarbush.