Nominate a Legend to the Sugarbush Wall of Fame

For the 5th year in a row, we’re opening the doors to the Sugarbush Wall of Fame! There’s this fascinating dichotomy between looking to the year ahead, yet still stopping to reminisce and appreciate the past. In the ski world, December has always been a month of looking ahead. Of being stoked for the season. Of shaking off the rust on our first turns of the year. Of crafting new stories. It’s your time for preparation, pursuing, and placating that itch to get back on the hill. Similar to a Hall of Fame, our Wall of Fame seeks to recognize some of the most significant contributors to the Sugarbush experience from 1958 to the present. Established in 2019, it was part of our 60th Anniversary Celebration. Each December since then, nominees are sent to us to celebrate their contributions to Sugarbush, our guests, and the Mad River Valley Community.  It’s looking to the past and recognizing those who have made significant contributions to this community – those who have ascended to legend status.

The Selection Process

It’s come time again for you all to send in nominations to be added to the Wall of Fame. Over the years we’ve had some incredible nominations. It’s always hard to narrow the selections down as there are so many important members of our community, past and present. The Sugarbush Wall of Fame recognition is awarded annually to those who have made a significant contribution to “cultivating a spirit of lifelong adventure and camaraderie among Sugarbush staff, guests, and the community.” Wall of Fame inductees are selected by the Wall of Fame Review Committee. The deadline for nominations is October 13th, so don’t hesitate! Only a handful of nominees are selected each year.

Submit a nominee!

The After Party

Similarly, the SugarBash is our annual birthday celebration, now sixty-four years young. It marks the bridge between past and future. We transition from our past and its legacy, via our dancing shoes, to look towards the season ahead and craft new stories from which legacies are built. After all, at the end of the day our whole #MySugarbush campaign is built on this idea of storytelling. And when you’re part of enough cool stories, legacy ensues.

So, consider joining us this December, the 9th to be exact, as an opportunity to look both ways, back and forward, past and future. Join us in celebrating our legacy and then help us continue to add to it all season long. Who knows, maybe someday we’ll be the ones being celebrated.

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