Fishing For Trout

You might think that a fishing conversation on a ski resort blog is a real stretch. However, Sugarbush has a number of dedicated fishers on its staff (we can’t ski and ride all the time).  Whether it is bass fishing on Blueberry Lake, trout fishing on the Winooski River or Lake Champlain walleye fishing, Vermont offers some diverse fishing opportunities. To start things off, on this blog we’ll primarily focus on fly fishing for trout.

Opening day for trout fishing in Vermont was Saturday, April 10th. Our local rivers are flowing, and temperatures are in perfect shape. Typically, this time of year the winter snow run off has the rivers swelled to their banks and water temps are frigid. Not a great time to catch fish. However, with an unseasonably warm spring and lack of rain, conditions are looking favorable in the short-term (though we’ll see what this incoming snow does).

Try swinging black Wooly Buggers in size 14 or maybe add a sink tip (3-5 ips) in heavier water. Bead head Prince Nymphs or Hairs Ears in size 14 or 16 fished tight or run a Guides Choice Hairs Ear or Girdle Bug Stonefly Night under an indicator.

Check out the Silver Trout Fly Shop in Waitsfield Village for quality advice, unique gear, and guide services, Remember: always practice catch and release. Check back next time for a bug-filled blog about how to have the best success with insects and their presentation.

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