But Seriously – This Year I’m Going To Ski 100 Days

My OG blog followers know that two years ago I made a real effort to ski 100 days for the first time ever. Ever! Sort of strange considering I’ve been working here for 10 years right? But alas that’s still the case. I know that many of you have hit that goal many times over. I’m yearning to join the club.

During the 2019/20 season, when I originally set this goal, I was perfectly on track to hit 100 days. I ended at 60 when the world turned upside down. Last year, as I worked a bit of a hybrid schedule and dealt with juggling two kids as a parent, I didn’t even bother setting a ski day goal.

But here we are turning the year over to 2022. I got off to a quick ski day start, at least by my standards, and I’m realizing that it could be now or never. Today marked my 22nd day on the slopes. If I get 20 days each of the next 4 months we’re open, I should be in good shape. So here’s my official promise: I’m going to ski 100 days, for real, this winter.

As I pursued this goal last time, I was worried that I would start to feel like skiing was a grind. That I was just chalking up days to hit an arbitrary goal. And I’ll admit, sometimes it starts to feel that way. But that feeling is overmatched but the enjoyment I get at just escaping the office for a few minutes. It helps me refocus. It breaks up the day. It gives me a chance to see how things are going up on the mountain and what the general vibe at the resort is. I’m enjoying it. It’s well worth it. And to think we haven’t even seen much natural snow yet! The best ski days are yet to come.

Now your next question might be: what’s a ski day? And to cut off any ensuing argument, I’ll take a quote from my longtime friend and coworker: it’s any day that I ski. 1 run, 3 runs, 15 runs – it all counts. Just get out on the hill and chalk one up. Don’t agree? That’s fine. But check that number that shows up on the RFID gate as I go through it. The gates know the truth.

So once again, I hope you will hold me accountable to my goal. Call me out. Say hey. Ask how far along I am. The more people are on my case, the more likely I am to get this done.

Each of the past few years we have given out special hats to those that hit 100 days at Sugarbush. I think that might actually be motivation enough. Well…that and the inevitable bragging rights I will have until the end of days.