A Year Into The Three Peaks Medical Clinic

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Three Peaks Medical Clinic, we are a non-profit medical clinic completely independent of the Sugarbush Resort.  We occupy a small space, which Sugarbush has graciously donated to us behind Rumble’s Bistro & Bar at Lincoln Peak.  We are open 12/15-4/15 annually from 9am-5pm.  Our clinic operations are 100% funded by donations from resort guests and the local community.  We cater primarily to the resort guests, but we often treat walk-ins provided we have the available resources.  Last season we raised over $300,000 in donations and secured our operations for the 2022-2023 season. We’re hopeful we can match that amount over the course of this year.  We continue to seek donors as well as volunteer physicians, PA’s and NP’s who have experience in Emergency Medicine, Sports and Orthopedic Medicine(we have pretty generous compensation package for our crew of volunteers).

We are very excited to have wrapped up our first season of operations.  Over the course of the winter, we treated 388 patients (ski patrol brought down roughly 600 patients) and we took over 250 x-rays.  The majority of these patients were resort guests who had sustained ski and ride related injuries, but we did also see our fair share of non-ski related injuries.  Many of these patients would have required a trip to the local emergency room which we were able to prevent, thus accomplishing our two main goals we set when we first formed of providing acute on mountain health care services as well as reducing the burden on the local health care resources. 

When I watched the Three Peaks physician relocate the first dislocated shoulder that ski patrol brought down the mountain, I knew we had done the right thing by opening our clinic.  Without Three Peaks Medical Clinic this patient would have had to wait for the local ambulance service (15-20 minutes) or find a ride to the hospital, ride to the hospital or nearest urgent care (45 minutes) and then wait in the emergency room (who knows how long) all while enduring the pain of having a dislocated shoulder.  Our physician relocated the shoulder in under a minute and the patient walked out of the clinic with a sling and returned to their home.

All of this was accomplished using a dedicated office staff as well as a small group of volunteer Emergency and Orthopedic physicians.  We’d like to thank all our staff and our contributors for helping us achieve our goals this season, and we look forward to seeing you all next season.  Have a safe and adventurous summer. 

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Three Peaks Medical Clinic if you are interested in becoming part of team or donating to ensure our operations for the 2023-24 season.


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