Stay Safe on the Mountain

Stay Safe on the Mountain with Tips from the Sugarbush Team!

Stay safe on the mountain this season with tips and advice from the Sugarbush Mountain Operations Team! It is our goal to keep our mountain safe for our guests to enjoy it to the fullest, but we can’t do it without a little help from all of you. This safety series covers important mountain safety topics included in the Skier and Rider Responsibility Code, as well as others like Park SMART and Uphill Travel. Our team walks you through why it’s important to follow these safety guidelines, and how they apply to our mountain. Remember, our team is always here to help and when you don’t know, take it slow! If you ski Sugarbush often, it’s a good idea to add the important phone numbers below to your phone contact list for easy access.

If you’re having an on-hill emergency, dial 802-583-6567.

Stop Where you Are Visible

Learn the proper place to stop on a trail with Alison from ski patrol. Can other skiers see you? Are you out the way? Here are some tips for where to be!

Lift Safety

Lift Safety tips with Drew, Colin and John from Mountain Operations! Please remember to take your backpack off and put the safety bar down when riding the lifts at Sugarbush.


Our Sugarbush PARKS crew wanted to take a quick moment to talk about the Park SMART safety ode to help you stay safe when using the parks at Sugarbush!

Obey All Signs

Do you know what these trail signs mean? Number 6 on the Skier and Rider Responsibility Code is “Read and obey all signs, warnings, and hazard markings.” Follow ski patrol around Mt. Ellen to learn what some of our signs mean so you can stay safe out there!

Everything you need to know about Three Peak Medical Clinic at Sugarbush


Contacting Ski Patrol Through the Sugarbush App

Don’t have the Ski Patrol phone number saved in your phone? Contact them through the app! Simply open the app, tap the “Call Ski Patrol” button and press call. Use the coordinates given and your surroundings to describe your location to them. Include your name and describe what you’re wearing too. Remember, only call in case of an emergency.

Read up on Sugarbush’s Safety and Conduct before you visit! This includes community guidelines, guests and their dogs, chairlift safety, deep snow safety, and more.