On the Cords: Learning New Terrain

It’s officially the new year and after taking some time to visit home, I’m excited to be back and explore more of the open terrain Sugarbush has to offer. With Gate House spinning and Mt. Ellen open I have my work cut out for me.

I’ve been doing some laps over on the Gate House side of things to check out what the lift has to offer. Sugarbush PARKS had a sweet little progression park over on Slowpoke that was a blast to do laps at, the park has since been removed to make sure the large terrain park was ready for riders. Gate House surprised me with runs that are a lot of fun to relax on. Sleeper is currently taking the cake for favorite run on that side of the mountain, but things may change once North Lynx is spinning. Say what you will about blue runs, but personally some of my favorite runs have been intermediate trails with trees and rollers scattered about. Sure, going down Organgrinder at Mach speed trying to keep up with my friends on skis is exhilarating, but a laid-back blue is nice every once in a while.

Over on Mt. Ellen there is a lot of fun to be had. After the progression park on Slowpoke and a 2nd on Straight Shot, the Sugarbush PARKS crew was ready to open the large terrain park on Riemergasse. I’ve had the chance to do a few laps over there and the park is an absolute game-changer. With features for intermediate and advanced riders, there’s so much opportunity with 60 features to hit. I am definitely not an expert when it comes to the park, but Riemergasse has all the makings of a big mountain terrain park. GMX also has some fun runs on it that I’d like to get more time at, Which Way and Northstar, both of which were fun when I first went down them, but I’d like to see how that side of the mountain rides now that we are in the new year.

Off the mountain I’m also learning. I have a new favorite deli across the street from where I am living and thanks to my lack of cooking skills, I’m bound to become a regular at. Lucky for me, my roommate is a cook at Rumbles and they have agreed to teach me how to not burn down a kitchen. I’ve also tried to spend a chunk of free time memorizing the trail map to avoid getting lost once more trails do open up. Fortunately for me, with the way mountains work, as long as I am moving downwards I’m going in the right direction.

Open terrain is really picking up with North Lynx and Summit about to drop ropes, so I’m excited to get up and get out when new lifts are spinning.