New Pellet Stoves at Mt. Ellen

The Arctic air this week has me thinking about heat. No, not hot tropical weather, I am talking about sit-by-the-fire Vermont-style heat. Among the recent additions and improvements at the Mt Ellen Base Lodge were heating system upgrades, and one such improvement included the installation of pellet stoves. In case you have not yet been inside the lodge, you’ll find new, efficient wood pellet stoves at the fireplaces in the cafeteria and the Green Mountain Lounge.

Pellet stoves help to maintain the classic wood heat vibe while offering several environmental benefits.

  • More efficient heating. The open fireplaces were super drafty. The new stoves eliminate the chimney draft that pulled heat out of the building instead of adding heat.
  • Wood pellets burn cleaner than regular wood. Air particulate emissions are lower than cord wood and have a 50% lower carbon profile than propane.
  • Indoor air quality of the lodge is improved. No more smoke-filled spaces when the kitchen hoods turn on.
  • The wood pellets we purchase are sustainably harvested from Vermont forests. The pellets are from the Vermont Wood Pellet Co. which harvests local softwoods with responsible stewardship plans overseen by the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources. They manage, conserve, and protect Vermont forests from pests, erosion, and overuse.
  • They are just plain cozy!

If you are chilled after riding the Summit Quad, cozy up with a beverage near the Mt. Ellen pellet stoves this winter!

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