My First Sunset Groomer Ride Was Awesome

Have you ever taken the Sunset Groomer Ride at the Sugarbush Resort?  If you haven’t, it is an absolute no brainer to sign up.

I took a ride for the first time ever just last week with my wife and 2 children (aged 9 and 5.)  We shared the ride with 2 other couples that we didn’t know.  With the Covid 19 protocols, we felt very safe.    The hour-long trip was exciting from the second you see the cat coming down to pick your party up until you take your last step off at the end of the ride.

Jeff (aka Birddog) is the host with the most.  No one has more passion and enjoyment hosting the event and making sure the drive up is quite an experience.

On our night, we missed the sunset, but that didn’t matter.  The snow was coming down and we were able to sit back and watch the drive through the side windows as well as the state-of-the-art camera/tv set up in the limo.  It is called the limo because the seats are extremely comfortable, and the ride is smoooooth.  The only thing missing was a disco ball dangling from the ceiling.

Here are some of the fun facts about the cat:

  • .2L Mercedes Diesel (say close to 300hp)
  • Top speed about 15mph (downhill) but we never go that fast with quests
  • Full ride about 1 hour.  20 minutes up, 20 minutes at summit and 20 minutes down
  • Seats 12 + as possible a 13th up front.  And Birddog loves to have a passenger in the cab to give the ultimate experience.
  • Was formerly a groomer but the tiller on the back was removed.

Birddog offered a seat in the front to any interested person.  Two of the riders were all in with excitement.  It is an experience worth taking.

All said and done, my family had a breathtaking experience.  There are few things that a family can do together, and all enjoy it equally.

My advice is to take the cat ride.  You will not regret it. Get details on how to book here.