Much Improved After All Forms of Snow

Are we all sick of saying conditions have been a rollercoaster here? I sure am. Then again, perhaps I’m OK with this last swing. Over the last week and a half, we’ve received over two feet of snow, completely revitalizing the mountain. The best part is it has been in spurts too. While we got that great storm late into Presidents’ Week, our more recent snowfall has been a little at a time. Two inches here, five inches there. It’s been consistent, and it’s been awesome.

As of today, we’re back to being 100% open, Castlerock is once again spinning, and conditions are a packed pow paradise. While there are still some thin spots about, particularly on natural snow trails, it’s a much welcome improvement from where things stood in the middle of Presidents’ Week.

On top of that, we also put down a little extra insurance on our spring terrain. That’s right, the snow guns turned back on earlier this week, reinforcing Stein’s Run, Coffee Run, Snowball, and the base area.

I mean just look at those whales on Stein’s! Base depths on that trail are now in great shape. We’ll get a reading and share it next time we groom it out. Also, in the next week or two, I hope to have a full rundown of all the hard work that went into our snowmaking operations this year. But in the meantime, just know we definitely went above and beyond what we typically do to prep these trails for spring.

Tomorrow is shaping up to be a great day. Get here early, carpool if you can, and think about ways to ski and dine outside of the typical busy times. It should be beautiful, and we expect some good turnout.

Starting Sunday, we see another big warmup, followed by more mild temperatures next week. There’s also a chance of snow on several days next week, so here’s hoping the good times keep rolling.

We’re entering my favorite two months to ski, so come on up and get it. I’ll see you up on the hill.

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