Fireworks from afar

You Know We’re Hosting Fireworks, Right?

It can be hard amid a very abnormal summer to think about what would otherwise be considered normal summer highlights: beach vacations, cookouts, live outdoor music, and yes, even July 4th. 

That’s why I want to make sure you all know that Sugarbush is, in fact, hosting our annual fireworks display this Saturday, albeit in a slightly different format. In an effort to make everything as safe as possible, we’re hosting the fireworks drive-in style. We’re parking up to 500 cars in our main lots, all of which will have direct views of the fireworks up on SugarBear Road. If you’re interested in attending, we ask that you make a reservation ahead of time online . We’re also asking for suggested donations of $20 to benefit the Mad River Valley Community Fund, though you’re welcome to donate as much as you like.

The Mad River Valley Community Fund, for those of you unfamiliar, is a non-profit organization established to specifically respond to the needs of Mad River Valley residents. I encourage you to go learn more about them because they’ve done some really great things for a lot of people locally, particularly in the last several months.

For those of you who show up we have a number of protocols in place to to properly keep everyone socially distanced. We’re spacing cars to every other parking spot, asking guests to stay within their parking spots either in chairs or in their cars, and asking everyone to promptly leave after the display is finished. Our full event details and protocols are on our event listing.

We’re really excited that we have an opportunity to offer this again. We know how much people of all ages love our fireworks display, and we hope this will help take you away from the tough national and global news, if even for just half an hour. We encourage you to share your memories on social media and you may see it get reshared on our own channels.

I’ll be up at the resort parking cars on Saturday night along with a number of others from our team. Though it may be hard to recognize people, don’t be shy about saying hello!

Have a happy and safe fourth!