A groomer making his final morning passes.
A groomer making his final morning passes.

Announcing our Winter Operations Changes

Uncertainty. That is probably the best possible word I can think of to describe the last 8 months. It rings particularly true in the ski industry, as we grip with what types of changes are necessary to provide the best possible experience with the health and safety of our guests and employees in mind. How will we operate base lodges? Load lifts? How do we sell food?

As the weeks went by it always felt like we had more time. It is something that happens every summer in the ski industry, but it felt particularly relevant this year considering our “off-season” started all the way back in mid-March. Now that is not to say we have been procrastinating our plans for winter. In fact we have working extra hard this go around simply because there has been so much more to figure out. With increased uncertainty comes more difficulty in planning.

But we think we are finally in a good place to share our plans. I know we have dripped out details here and there, but I’m hopeful that the new Winter Operations section of our website will have all the resources you need to answer questions about this season. We are going to continue adding more information and tweaking as needed, but we wanted to make sure you had time to plan your winters with us, and so we have chosen to release this information now. You will notice that we do not yet have purchase links to tickets, directions for the state’s attestation requirement, and a few other things. We promise that information will be made live as soon as we have it.

In the meantime, I encourage each and every one of you to browse through the pages. You will find an overview page followed by specific pages breaking down each area of the resort. There are a lot of changes, and your experience is going to look different than it has in the past no matter how you typically navigate your time. If you still have questions after reading this, and my guess is you most certainly will, feel free to reach out to our reservations and guest services teams, and they will help you the best they can. We look forward to welcoming you back this winter.

Learn About Our Winter Operations Changes