39 Junior Golfers – What Could Go Wrong?

Our first Junior Golf Camp this summer saw a whopping 39 golfers attend. 39 kids all on the golf course together at once. What could possibly go wrong?

Well the answer is…absolutely nothing!

Our first Junior Golf Camp of the season was a smashing success.  From the driving range to the putting green to the golf course, we had such a good time teaching and learning the game of golf.  Each day, we had separate stations and activities for all age groups and skill levels. 

The activities ranged from hitting irons and long drives, putting through hoops and curves, chipping through targets, trying to break the glass (paper actually), golf on the course, and last but not least , the all-time favorite activity of riding in a golf cart.  I think for some of the kids, the new favorite is “The Happy Gilmore” long drive contest.  In fact some of the group are starting to give me a run for my money.  Those that didn’t join in that, had a great time trying to hit me in the range picker when I was driving around picking up the golf balls.

In addition to all of that fun, we had Mike Wing, our great course superintendent, give a talk regarding how grass grows, what we do to keep the course in excellent shape, and the always exciting “how do we change cups on the greens”. 

We also added a painting activity this season.  To the interested kids, we did a lesson on how to paint a landscape of the driving range.  It was my pleasure to help teach the young ones and was excited to see them take this task and do a great job with it.

My goals for each Junior Golf Camp are pretty simple: strive to make sure every single player in the clinics learn more than they knew before coming, make sure everyone gets along, and most of all, have fun.  I think this is an easy list to accomplish because myself and the rest of the staff enjoy every second of time teaching the kids.  Some of the players have been coming for years now and it is amazing to see the growth, not only with regards to golf but also as young people.

We always end the week with frozen popsicles and goodie bags from our sponsor, Powerade.  I love seeing the kids leave each day with a smile on their faces and asking their adults to bring them back to hit balls.

When I hear and see that, I know we have done our job.  The team and I are already planning and looking forward to Camp #2. If you’re interested in signing a child up for our next golf camp, the dates are August 10-13th. You can learn more about them here. I hope to see you and your kiddos next time!