Adaptive Skier on groomer
Adaptive Skier on groomer

The New Sugarbush Magazine is Out!

Did you get your mail? By now, pass holders should have received the latest copy of Sugarbush Magazine in their (snail) mailboxes, and complimentary issues are on display on-resort, and at many stores, restaurants, and inns around the Valley.

This year’s cover showcases photographer John Atkinson’s shot (see above) of Nick Fairall, a former Olympic ski jumper who suffered a spinal cord injury in 2015, crushing it on a sit-ski at the High Fives Fat Ski-A-Thon in March. Nick is indicative of other adaptive athletes I spoke with in our feature story “Undaunted: The Story of Vermont Adaptive”,  in that these athletes are getting after it on the snow, and finding friendship, freedom, and the ability to push their limits as far as they can. With Vermont Adaptive’s campaign for a new facility at Mt. Ellen underway, we thought it was high time to shine a light on this organization (and some of their partners) who do so much for our outdoor community.

Nationally-known local writer Peter Oliver takes a close look at the many changes in technique and technology that have influenced skiing over the years. His article “Matters of Style” delves into Stein Eriksen’s “wedeln” technique, Denise McCluggage’s centered skiing ethos, John Egan’s extreme skiing style, and Elan’s introduction of the parabolic ski. . . all of which happened right here at Sugarbush.

Other winter-themed articles you may find interesting include “Sharing the Love”, John Bleh’s inside look at Sugarbush Ambassadors, the red-coated men and women who greet you in the parking lot, answer most any question,  and provide complementary “meet the mountain” tours to newcomers (and, incidentally, are some of the most well-traveled people I know). Photographer and writer John Atkinson shares some tips on when and how to introduce your kids (or grandkids) to skiing and snowboarding in “Child’s Play”. In “Snow Farming”, Chris Enman takes his young son on an evening expedition with one of our most experienced groomers to decipher when and why we groom what we groom.  And speaking of groomers, did you know that some of our machines are using GPS and sonar-based technology to measure snow depth? Read about this and other techie upgrades in Megan Page’s “Technology Top-Ups”.

We’ve also got some great articles for warmer weather: featured weddings from last season (you can’t imagine how beautiful a wedding is here until you actually experience one), a personal narrative of one golfer’s superstition surrounding holes 12-14, and more. You’ll even find a comprehensive dining and lodging directory, as well as a kid’s activity page. And If you like to ski or snowboard in a three-piece suit or a leopard onesie, you just may find yourself featured in our “Styles” photo spread . Take a look, and feel free to send comments or suggestions our way ( If you can’t access a physical copy, view the entire magazine and more here!

Here’s to winter!

Candice White

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