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A Quick Snapshot of What to Expect

We’re looking forward to welcoming you back to the mountain! As you probably know, some things have changed a bit for the upcoming season, and you can view every detail on our Winter Operations section of the website. But for those of you who want a snapshot of what to expect when you actually get here, this post should do the trick.


Parking will be similar to how it has been in the past. The earlier you get here, the closer you’ll park, and jitney shuttles are available to give you a ride from the farther lots up to the Resort. This season, you should boot up and get ready at your car if you are able as bag storage is not available in our base lodges. A limited amount of space will be available in the Lincoln Peak Courtyard to boot up, but it’s recommended any loose items or boot bags should be left in your car.

Getting Your Tickets

Tickets must be purchased online and prior to your visit. We expect day tickets to on sale next week. If you don’t already have a SugarXpress card, you’ll need to head to one of our ticket kiosks located at the base of both Lincoln Peak and Mt. Ellen. Just bring your purchase confirmation number with you, scan it at the kiosk, and a card will be printed for you to head straight up to the lift. Season Pass holders without their SugarXpress card can follow the same process. If you’ve purchased an Ikon Pass, you should be receiving it in the mail. Ikon Pass holders can go straight to the lifts with both the Ikon Pass and Ikon Base Pass.   

Food and Beverage

Sugarbush has always prided itself on tasty food and beverage options all around the Resort, and that hasn’t changed. But new this year, food orders and dining reservations will be made online ahead of time. You will soon be able to order through the Sugarbush website or App. Be sure to check out our two newest offerings: the Lunch Box Food Truck, located in the parking lot of Lincoln Peak, and 802 Burritos, located outside of the Gate House Lodge.

Lincoln Peak Courtyard and Mt. Ellen Base Area

Outdoor tables and seating areas will be available around the Resort to enjoy take out food and beverage items. We’ll also have more outdoor heaters and firepits to stay warm. New this year, be on the look out for more information on our Base Camps. Base Camp features six heated chalets, four at the base of Lincoln Peak and two at the base at Mt. Ellen, which can be rented by you and your party for the day. Food delivery services will be offered as well.

Base Lodges

Boot rooms and bag storage will not be available this year, but base lodges will have designated warming areas as well as bathroom access. Each section of a lodges will have specific entrances and exits, which will be indicated at each lodge to help with traffic flow. Please keep an eye out for capacity guidelines as well upon entering our buildings.

Lift Lines, Chairlifts and on the Mountain

To encourage social distancing, you should actively space out on the chairlift and the mountain. This means guests will ride lifts at half capacity, or with the party in which they traveled. Masks are required when within six feet of another person and lift lines will be spaced out accordingly. We will not have singles lines this winter and ask that solo skiers and riders queue up with everyone else. You can still choose to ride separately.


Rental skis and snowboards, as well as our demo fleet will be available for rental this season but must be reserved ahead of time. Specific pickup times for each reservation will be given to you in advance.

Guest Services

Questions come up, and our Guest Services staff would love to get them answered for you! We’ve put together some information as well as consolidated some things that Guest Services can help you with both before and during your visit. If needed, our staff will be available at the information desks at both Lincoln Peak and Mt. Ellen.

There’s no doubt that this season will be a bit different than ones in the past, but we can assure you that there are still many turns, adventure, and fun to be had. Think snow, and we look forward to welcoming you out onto the slopes!

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