Belonging is elusive. It can be derived from equal parts deliberate introspection and external invitation, the latter often the catalyst for the former. Whether it’s people, place, or ideally the alchemy distilled from the two, one has to feel the pull of purpose to want to be a part of a particular village or live in a singular valley. But getting a feel for such forces requires a certain level of awareness; the sense to check-in with one’s self and ask the question, “Is this the place for me?”

For some, the question can take years to even form let alone be answered. And it is rare when the energies of introspection and invitation are truly equal. Unless and until you find yourself in a valley named for a river’s mad flow and/or on top of a summit surrounded by a massive sugarbush.

Winter has arrived in the Mad River Valley and snows to Sugarbush’s slopes. And while we can only hope to motivate some level of introspection, we can offer an open invitation to discover Belonging.

It’s right here.