The Flyin Ryan Foundation and Sugarbush

Ever since its inception 10 years ago the Flyin Ryan Foundation has partnered with Sugarbush. Through the years Sugarbush has continued to generously support the mission of the Flyin Ryan Foundation to give athletes, students, and adventurers the inspiration to create and live by core values which connect with and reflect unique core spirit that each of us possess.  

The last 10 years our primary program to impart this message is a program we call the Flyin Ryan Decisions Program.   It has been embraced by the state of Vermont  the Personal Learning Plan Program.   Locally,Harwood  high school in Duxbury has been an advocate.  

Next year we plan to introduce the Flyin Ryan Core Values Challenge.  This will be fashioned as online content that can be accessed through various forms of electronic equipment and digital content sites.  We believe this will vastly increase our footprint and have a significant impact many more lives moving forward.  

Inspiration for the Decisions Program came from Ryan who, sometime before his passing while competing in a free ride world tour extreme skiing event 10 years ago at the age of 25.  He wrote down and, after he died,  we found on his computer his 14 core values:

  • lived every day all day
  • never stop exploring life
  • never lose my adventuresome attitude
  • be the best friend I can be
  • be the best brother son uncle I can
  • look out for others
  • look out for myself
  • go for our surroundings 
  • play like and 13
  • be self-sufficient
  • don’t be afraid to ask for help
  • work hard
  • live easy
  • live simply        

We realized after sharing Ryan’s core values for several years that we could represent him in a better way if we stimulate people to create their own core values as a means of generating self-identity, self-respect, and a sense of responsibility for their future behavior and engagement in life.  At this point in time literally thousands of lives have been impacted by the core values initiatives which have been generated through the Flyin Ryan Foundation.

Our other major program is the Adventure Scholar Program. Over the past 10 years we have awarded over 120 adventure scholarships.  Among the recipients are several Sugarbush skiers:  SJ Grunden, Johnny Egan Keegan Hosefros and  M.J. Croccilo.

Purpose venture scholarship is to stimulate young people to pursue whatever it is really turns them on. If they chase their dreams and their passion and they are financially constrained we want to be there to help. We also asked that they share with us or values.  Really want to put a spotlight on passion is an important ingredient of life well lived. Athletic accomplishment is less important to us than the authenticity of passion of a  potential awardee.

This year we are turning the reins of the foundation to our new Executive Director, Elise Annis.  Lisa checked all the boxes among the 95 applicants we had for the position.  It is our belief that her skill set and experience will be instrumental in helping the foundation extend its outreach to provide critical life lesson skills in years to come.

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