Sugarbush Vermont x High Fives Foundation Share A Community

High Fives supporter, turned volunteer, turned staff member…Madeleine Lowe shares the good word of her experiences watching the relationship between Sugarbush Vermont and High Fives Foundation grow.

“Since its inception in 2013, the High Fives Vermont Charity Golf Tournament has been an event I always had on my calendar.  In college I would try to plan a trip home around the golf tournament because it’s my favorite community event of the year. It was my first introduction to golfing: air cannons, baseball bat long drives, and riding around in golf carts (come to find out that’s not your typical golf tournament)…”

“I saw my parents, friends, and community members having a blast while raising money for my favorite cause.”

“I’m super excited to return to the Sugarbush Resort Golf Club as a High Fives Foundation team member.  An amazing partnership and a lot of planning goes into this event, so it’s cool to see it from every perspective.” – Madeleine Lowe, Account Coordinator @ High Fives Foundation.

Get STOKED by reliving the fun with the videos below…

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