Mad Marathon: The World's Most Beautiful Marathon

Mad Marathon: The World’s Most Beautiful Marathon

Sugarbush is proud to support the local community in a variety of ways. Throughout the year donations are made to organizations near and dear to the Sugarbush community. These organizations are ones the align with our principles that include sustainable, inclusive and outdoors focused core values. That’s why year after year, Sugarbush is happy to sponsor the Mad River Valley’s own Mad Marathon. This marathon brings to life some of our highest standards for outdoor recreation. Create a space where all walks of life can join, curate a friendly atmosphere that feels welcoming, and maybe most importantly, get people outside.

About the Mad Marathon

The Mad Marathon was a stepping stone into the creation of a larger organization, Mad Valley Sports. This organization focuses on promoting health and wellness in the Mad River Valley through educational and recreational events like the Mad Marathon. Not only are they focused on getting marathon participants to explore the Valley, but giving local families and friends the opportunity to be active in our neck of the woods through biking, swimming, kayaking, hiking, and so much more.

This year marks the 12th annual Mad Marathon being held on July 9th, 2023. Due to the outreach and campaigns worked on by Mad Valley Sports, their goals of participants have exceeded their expectations. Now, the marathon pulls an average of 3,000 runners from all 50 states and 30 countries. This has put a new set of eyes on what the Mad River Valley has to offer, especially in the summer months.

Marathon Details

Each year in July, the Mad Marathon hosts multiple events so runners at any level can join in the fun. This year’s event will include the full Mad Marathon, Mad Half, 5k, 10k, and relays! The courses follow dirt roads, rolling farmlands, and breathtaking views through the Mad River Valley. Spot historic barns, covered bridges and, of course, Vermont cows all along the route. The marathon course is certified by US Track & Field and a Boston Marathon qualifier. Though the main event is the 26.2 mile run through the Valley, walkers are more than welcome to join in fun in their own category of Mad Half Walkers.

For registration and race information visit the Mad Marathon

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