Introducing a New Video Series: My Sugarbush

Today I’m extra excited to finally be able to announce our brand new video series this season: My Sugarbush. Variations of this project have been discussed over the past few years, but this season we’re finally getting it across the finish line. This project wouldn’t be possible without Dave Rocha and Aidan Saunders, who are really the force in filming and producing these pieces.

What is My Sugarbush? Well the idea behind this project is to try and showcase some of the different personalities that make up our incredible Sugarbush community. We all have different stories, we all love Sugarbush for different reasons, and we all have different relationships with the resort. Our goal with this video series is to find community members you may not know anything about. They may be a little off the beaten path from, say, what you see in our promotional materials. Throughout the winter we’ll be looking at approximately ten different community members, be they staff, guests, or just an interesting MRV local.

We’re thrilled to be able to share our first episode with you today, looking at Nina Van Zandt, our Lead Bartender at Castlerock Pub and likely a familiar face to many of you who frequent that location or Hogan’s Pub in the Summer.

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