Green Up Day at Sugarbush

This week our team took to the streets, trails, and parking lots for our annual Green Up Day! Every spring, the entire resort goes out one afternoon to clean up after the snow melts to pick up as much trash and recycling as possible. This team effort makes such a huge difference at the resort and the surrounding roads. Coordinated by our SEW Committee, Safety, Environment, and Wellness Committee, efforts are put in to not only prepare the mountain for summer, but do our part to keep it clean.

More about SEW


  • Annual “SEW Day”, an educational day for all staff to celebrate and further SEW focus areas
  • Annual “Green-up day” when staff clean up litter around the resort community
  • Water bottle filling stations at the Gate House Lodge, Mt Ellen Lodge, and the SHaRC
  • Improvements to waste management
  • Formalization of a resort-wide no-idling policy
  • Replacement of Torchlight parade flares with reusable LED lights
  • Pedestrian safety and outdoor lighting improvements
  • Elimination of plastic straw use
  • Promotion of “Know the Code”

Vermont Green Up Day

We’re not the only ones who take part in the state wide clean up. Started by Green Up Vermont, their mission is to promote the stewardship of our state’s natural landscape and waterways, and the livability of our communities by involving people in Green Up Day while raising public awareness about the health, economic, and visual benefits of a litter-free environment year-round.

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